Melamine Faced Particle Board / MDF

Fibreboards are produced in 3 varieties: MDF, LDF and HDF. They are wood-based products obtained by pressing wood fibres with an addition of organic binding and setting compounds under high pressure and at elevated temperature. The resultant material has a homogeneous density and raw material composition along its total cross-section and therefore it shows a perfect mechanical process ability during cutting. The particle board is a three-layer wood-based material with a sand-papered surface, made by pressing wood particles at a high temperature and under pressure, using urea-formaldehyde resin as a binding agent. The inner layer consists of coarse fraction particles, while the external layers are formed from very fine and thin particles (micro-particles). This makes a surface, which is characterised by a low surface roughness and a high resistance to tearing off.
Melamine Faced Particle Board / MDF
  • Melamine Faced Particle Board / MDF
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