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As Door House, we proud of giving service to you for more than 20 years. Our company giving importance to the aesthetics brings doors of your work places and houses opening to your guests and aesthetics together with its over 20 years of experience. With our experience in this field, we brought doors of many individual and institutional clients opening to their guests and aesthetic together. Our working time that is more than 20 years allowed us to see different aesthetics thanks to many customers. Hence, it is easy for you to find the appropriate aesthetics for your house or your work place in wide product range of Door House. While providing this aesthetics to you, we carry out our production in eco-friendly machine park to protect nature contributing to our production and having importance for the whole world. We offer appropriate options for our customers with Door House quality using pvc coating, lacquer, natural wood, american panel, etc. in manufacture of our doors.
In 1977 we begin our services for the construction industry in the Middle East. We have achieved significant gains with the important role we played in key construction projects in this industry. Today we have more than 40 years of engineering experience. As of 2020, we provide consultancy services to the industry with this experience. Vision Being a key construction material supplier of Western contractors in the Middle East region Mission To provide maximum long-term return to shareholders by supplying construction materials in the American market with our British partners by following the technological demands in the field of construction. Having many years of engineering service experience in the region, providing loyalty to customers rather than selling products. Together with our employees, which are the most valuable assets of our company, to offer sustainable and environmentally friendly products to customers according to LEED standards.
Our company FTM which refers to Foreign Trade Management, was established in 2007 with its experienced partners in Export and Import business for more than 20 years. Our aim is to provide the necessary services to both domestic and foreign companies which are looking for starting or improving their import and export business in our region. Our services can be listed in 2 catagories as ''Import Consultancy'' and ''Export Consultancy''. We are specialized in the products below: - Laminate Floor - LVT Floor - Vinyl Floor - HPL Sheet - MFC - Particle Board - Acoustic Panels - OSB - Worktops - High Gloss Boards - CDF / Compact Density Fiber - Compact Laminate Sheet - Fire Retardant / Water Resistant Chipboard / MDF / HDF - E1 - E0 - Carb II Formaldehyde rated products We are also able to provide 60-90 days deferred payment for your needs. (Country / Company must be checked by our export insurance company) - Long-term payment plan conditions must be discussed. Please let us know what you need. You will not regret it... Hope to hear from you.
AGT (Advanced Technology in Wood Industry), starting out with the dream of processing and developing wood products customized for individual and corporate requirements in 1984 in Antalya, is operating today as one of the leading companies of the world in furniture components sector. AGT serves for the construction industry with its production of flooring, door, wall panels and baseboard and for the furniture and decoration sector with its production of MDF, MDF-LAM Panel, and Profile in its modern production facilities established on an area of 400 thousand square meters at the Antalya Organized Industrial Zone. Our Company is among top 500 Industrial Enterprises and realized a growth rate of 45% with an annual return over 500 million TL in 2015. With an employment figure over 1000 people we can manufacture all wood materials required for indoor areas at our own premises.Since the first day we were founded, we have never compromised on our ethical value and quality principles. Quality, trend and development are still among our main objectives for all our customers, employees and business partners. Today, we add color, elegancy and sustainable viability to living space of millions of people who give importance to quality and aesthetics through our more than 1,000 sales points in 5 continents. As well as the dealer channels spread all over Turkey, AGT has sales points over 5 continents and exports to more than 60 countries particularly in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Iran and Russia. Quality is not a reachable but is is a goal that is constantly being renewed and developed according to circumstances. At furniture components sector; with a reliable, organized and institutionalized business mentality; our quality policy is to increase our production quality by closely following the developing technology, to fully meet our customers expectations and demands, to increase the effectiveness of our quality management system and to be a preferred brand in national and international markets by providing sustainability of our place in the sector. Today, with our vision of "Promoting Wood Technology" which gives priority to long term strategic thinking and international compliance we will continue to be the preference for those who prefer quality, aesthetic and elegance as a leading market player not only in Turkey but also in the global arena.
As Mazi Orman Urunleri, we have started our journey to transform the forest products that have commercial significance in the construction sector into living spaces suitable for the texture of nature by using them in all areas of life, in all kinds of environments. Since our foundation in 1960, we have been proud of being the preferred company in the forest products sector in our facilities that we have strengthened with advanced technological machinery, equipments and qualified personnel without allowing any quality difference with the help of many instruments from production to sale. OUR PRODUCT RANGE AND PRODUCTION FACILITY In our company headquarters, we have regional distributorship and sales representation of producer companies operating in Turkey and in the international market such as chipboard, melamine coated chipboard, Mdf, Mdflam, etc. and the wholesale and retail sale of these products is made. In addition, it carries out the wholesale and retail sales of panel door surface, cover profile, ready-made caps, solid, laminate and laminated parquet, insulation products, OSB, plywood, plyboard, glue and so on. The import group within our company supplies pine, larex, spruce derived kiln lumber and laminated timber elements from Ukraine, Siberia, Sweden, Finland and Balkan Countries to meet your needs. At our Starwood Construction Market store within the headquarters, the companies operating in the construction and wooden furniture decoration sector as well as our end consumer customers can find all kinds of construction and decoration consumables at the most affordable prices and at the same point. Located in the center of Denizli on 15.000 m2, our wooden production facility which has a state-of-the-art machinery park and qualified personnel is producing a wide range of wood products with international standards and quality. In addition to the above mentioned products, our company continuously renews and develops its product range in accordance with the needs and demands of the sector, without compromising the quality.